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  • Jayesh Parekh, Singapore

    Sony Entertainment Television Founder

    "The movie was really good, especially Elizabeth was exceptional."

  • Chandra Jain

    IIT Delhi Alumni, New Delhi

    "Wow! It was good…..NO, IT WAS VERY GOOD."

  • Donna Smyth,

    USA Movie Buff.

    "It was a beautiful love story and an important message to young girls."

  • Buford Johnson

    Oakland, CA USA

    "The movie was very impactful, emotional, and culturally educational. This movie showed the power of love and more."

  • Chaitanya Vaidya & John Bielawski

    Commart Video, CA, USA.

    "The story has a suspenseful ending. This movie is worth watching together with the whole family……. roles are played by consummate actors and they gave everything to their characters."

  • Dr. David Blundell

    Professor of Anthropology at UCLA and National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan.

    "I screened your film CHOICES in my class on the International Development of Societies through Films. It was voted the best film shown in the course. The 73 students discussed the film as an example that demonstrated the most current issues of our time, sexual values, prostitution, commitments, honesty, boy-girl relationships, cross-cultural understanding, medical issues, family values, and parental responsibilities. My university has requested to buy the film for university library circulation use."