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Be A Star
Choices Live is the up to date resource on what is happening with the film. Check out these photographs are from the film set! To go back to the main site click on the logo above...

Lead role, Elizabeth
Elizabeth O'Brick, just before shooting another scene in the film, Choices.


In the hospital
On the set, three actors Dr.Sharma (Paul Sappal), Sharon Sharma (Christina Wood), and Andi (Ashton Whitty).

Frank the troublemaker
Frank Maharaj, playing Ajay in the film Choices.


Christina Wood, supporting role
Christina in the supporting role of Sharon Sharma. She's on set and ready to go.


Ivy Gullickson
Supporting role of Misty; prepping for upcoming scene.


Gabe playing with pins
Crew member, Gabe, getting a little loopy.


actor Gerald & Nicole (makeup)
Gerald Franks, warming up on set with our makeup artist Nicole.

Ashton Whitty, our young actress
At the Sharma set, Ashton keeps us smiling.

our main actor, Frank
Frank Maharaj, just before shooting a scene.


Who could this be? Someone on set.